Kramer Center

Room rental, sports, & movies

Kramer Center

The Kramer Center is available for use by Kramer Homes Co-Operative (“Kramer Homes”) Members at a cost of $30.00 (Thirty) Dollars per hour, with a minimum of 4 (Four) hours
and a maximum of 6 (Six) hours. Facilities may be utilized by non-members, however, all rentals must be sponsored by a Kramer Homes member. Sponsored events carry a fee of
$40.00 (Forty) Dollars per hour rate. All rentals carry a $250.00 security deposit. All rental requests are subject to approval by the Board of Directors and/or Kramer Homes
Management. Members must be in good standing, with no outstanding balance of carrying charge arrearages, fines, and/or legal fees. Member must be present at all times for the
entire duration of rental period.

The Kramer Center will be utilized for personal use only. No holding of business meetings are permitted (except for Kramer Homes related business purposes). The Kramer Center
may not be utilized for any event requiring an admission fee, donation, contribution, door charge, food or beverage charge, or any other fee. Admission will be by invitation only and
no advertising for parties/events is allowed.

Member shall bear all risk of theft, loss or damage not caused by Kramer Homes’ employees or agents, to all Member’s property which may occur in or about the Kramer Center.
Member agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Kramer Homes, its officers, directors, employees and agents from all loss liability, claims or expenses (including reasonable
attorney fees) arising out of Member’s or their guests’, use of the Kramer Center, including but not limited to liabilities arising from bodily injury, including death, or property damage
to any person, unless caused solely as a result of the gross-negligence or intentional act or omission by Kramer Homes. Member acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances
shall Kramer Homes be liable to Member for any damages related to the availability or non-availability of all or part of the Kramer Center or reserved space, the failure to honor ember’s
reservation, the condition of the Kramer Center or from any other form of damages, including consequential, special or incidental damages which Member may claim to have incurred as a result of any claim for breach of this Agreement, or otherwise.

The capacity of the Kramer Center is limited by the City of Center Line Fire Ordinance. The Fire Ordinance also limits the number of people permitted in the individual rooms. The Member is responsible for ensuring that the permitted capacity is not exceeded and that the number of guests does not exceed the building or room capacity at any time. The maximum capacities for individuals rooms are: Eisenhower: 94 / Puller: 48 / Roosevelt: 100.

Members can download and print the Kramer Center Rental Agreement. This agreement must be completed by the Member in our office and all payments must be made at that time.
Call us at (586) 757-1240 or submit our scheduling form.

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Kramer Center

Room rental, sports, & movies

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